Freeze-drying machine for fruits and vegetables

     Designed with stainless steel, it has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and is easy to clean and maintain. Fruit and vegetable freeze-drying machine DCGSDG-100 freeze-drying box adopts a round design, which allows it to evenly freeze-dry freeze-dried items.

Fruit and vegetable freeze drying machine parameters

Type: Vacuum freeze dryer

Power: 18kw Temperature range: -75℃

Voltage: 380v/50hz

Dehydration capacity: 15kg

Weight: Customized, specific subject to actual situation

Standard cooling capacity: greater than or equal to 150

Dimensions: customized

Equipment type: Food machinery

Specifications: 100 cubic meters

Processing method: customized

Application areas: various types of fruits, such as apples, strawberries, durian, etc.

Place of Origin: Ganzhou, Jiangxi

The working principle of the fruit and vegetable freeze dryer DCGSDG-100 is to use vacuum freeze drying technology to freeze the moisture in fruits and vegetables at a lower temperature, and then sublimate the frozen moisture in a vacuum environment to achieve drying of fruits and vegetables. The specific workflow is as follows:

1. Put the fruits and vegetables into the freeze-drying box, and heat the fruits and vegetables to a certain temperature through the heating system, so that the water inside them begins to evaporate.

2. Evacuate the freeze-drying box to reduce the air pressure inside the box, thereby lowering the evaporation temperature of water and making it easier for water to evaporate.

3. Continue to lower the temperature until the water in the fruits and vegetables completely evaporates to achieve drying.

4. Release the vacuum and take out the dried fruits and vegetables.

      The entire drying process needs to be carried out under strictly controlled temperature, vacuum and time conditions to ensure the quality and quality of fruits and vegetables. It should be noted that during the drying process, the shape, color, taste and other properties of fruits and vegetables may change, so it is necessary to select the appropriate freeze-drying process and parameters according to actual needs.

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