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Vegetable vacuum precooling machine 

a kind of equipment for fruit and vegetable preservation, by placing fruits and vegetables into the vacuum room, reduce the ambient temperature and gas pressure, so that the temperature of fruits and vegetables rapidly decreases, to achieve the purpose of precooling. This product adopts advanced vacuum technology and refrigeration technology, with high temperature control precision, simple operation, easy maintenance and other characteristics, suitable for various fruits and vegetables pre-cooling treatment.


Product parameters:

Model: DCGSYL-10

Vacuum degree: ≤80kPa

Temperature range: -20℃~10℃

Processing capacity: 10kg/h

Voltage: 220V/50Hz (380V/50Hz)

Power: 1.5KW~100KW (actual depends on the manufacturWeight: The specific information shall be subject to the actual equipment leaving the factory.

Size: 1000mm × 600mm × 800mm (the size is for reference only, the actual customization shall prevail)

The working principle of the fruit and vegetable vacuum precooler

Use the reduced solubility of gas in the vacuum state to quickly evaporate the water in the fruits and vegetables, taking away the heat in the fruits and vegetables, thereby achieving the purpose of cooling. Specific steps are as follows:

1. Fruits and vegetables are pre-treated to remove surface dirt and moisture, and then put into the pre-cooling chamber.

2. The pre-cooling room is evacuated to reduce the air pressure and the water in the fruits and vegetables begins to evaporate.

3. The water vapor generated by evaporation is absorbed by the coolant, taking away the heat in the fruits and vegetables, 

causing the temperature of the fruits and vegetables to drop.

4. When the temperature of fruits and vegetables drops to the appropriate storage temperature, the pre-cooling chamber is filled with air,

 the vacuum state is released, and the fruits and vegetables are discharged from the pre-cooling chamber.

Vegetable Vacuum Precooling Machine Features:

1. Using advanced vacuum technology and refrigeration technology, the temperature control accuracy is high, the operation is simple, 

and the maintenance is convenient.

2. Made of high-quality materials, compact structure, durable and reliable.

3. It can realize automatic control or manual operation.

4. It has safety protection function to ensure the safety of users.

5. Our company customizes the fruit and vegetable vacuum pre-cooling machine according to the needs of users.


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