File insecticide sterilizer

Working principle: Using pure physical methods, vacuuming and filling with nitrogen to eliminate oxygen, lose pressure, evaporate, kill insects, sterilize, and disinfect. No chemicals are added in the process, and no harmful gases and pollutants are emitted.


File insecticide sterilizer Functions

Oxygen isolation function

     Ensure that the oxygen content of the equipment is ≤1‰ under working conditions. Nitrogen is produced by the supporting nitrogen generator.

Evaporation function

     During the disinfection process, the liquid in the insect body can evaporate and destroy the proteins of adults, larvae, eggs and pupae.

Pest killing function

     It can kill 100% of adults, larvae, eggs, pupae and spores in collections.

sterilization function

     It can kill 100% of aerobic bacteria and block the growth, breeding and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and filamentous molds.

Dust removal function

    It can 100% remove dust attached to the surface of cultural relics, archives, ancient books, etc.

Odor removal function

    Can remove 100% of all odors.

Remote control function

     Field equipment can be operated through mobile APP software (any area on the network), 

and the parameter screen is consistent with the touch screen (optional)

Automatic humidification function

    When nitrogen is injected into the sterilization chamber, it is humidified through an automatic humidifier to ensure that the humidity in the sterilization chamber is between 35% and 60%. The humidity value can be set from 0% to 100%.

Nitrogen production function

     During the disinfection process, 99.99% high-purity nitrogen can be produced and injected into the disinfection room.

Display function

    Oxygen content, vacuum degree, temperature and humidity detection and display functions.

Insecticide time

    The entire disinfection time is between 15 hours and 72 hours.

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