Multi-functional repair table for cultural relics and ancient books

1. Product introduction

    In the restoration of paper documents such as calligraphy and painting, ancient books, and archives,

 it is often necessary to observe, copy, copy, clean, repair, frame, organize and other operations. 

The multi-functional ancient book restoration workbench is made of ash veneer and is equipped with an energy-saving 

LED integrated copy luminous board A2 format 12V 20W, which can adjust the brightness of the light, low voltage and weak current, 

safe and reliable, light and convenient, and can be placed in a drawer when not in use Medium; 

also equipped with LED monitor stand, camera, magnifying glass 5x 10x lens 12V 14W, 

high-definition camera 5 million pixels A3 format manual focus, lamps: desk lamp 12V 20W, wireless mouse and keyboard set, safe, etc. 

The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is comfortable and beautiful, and the safe and tool box can be moved at will. 

It is mainly used in the process of observation, copying, copying, repairing, and mounting in the restoration of paper documents

such as calligraphy and painting, ancient books, and archives.

2. Model and specifications:

Model: DCXFT        Specifications: 1800*1000*800mm   2000*900*800mm

3. Equipment structure

    The countertop and surrounding sides are made of: solid wood frame + solid wood skeleton + 8mm high-density pad + ash five-ply compaction; the countertop is surrounded by ash solid wood edges;

Storage cabinet size (depth 760*width 460*height 685mm) (735*440*655mm) drawer: The panel is made of solid wood + ash plywood compacted, and the interior is made of pine wood;

1. Safe box , (depth 760*width 460*height 685mm) (735*440*655mm) all outer surfaces are made of ash bark bark finish.

2. Computer stand: Equipped with a computer stand, fixed on the table and used to fix the computer.


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