Description of function parameters for Repair table for Archives and books


1. Intelligent water supply mode, the repair tank automatically replenishes water; 

the water tank stores water and is recycled. Real-time detection of water tank liquid level, intelligent protection of high and low water levels.

2. Repair slot specification: A2 format, repair net area: ≥620mm*447mm; repair size: ≥610mm*430mm; water tank volume: ≥66L;

3. Control method: intelligent microcomputer control; operation method: capacitive touch LCD; LCD screen size: ≥7 inches; 

LCD screen resolution: ≥1024*600;

4. Water usage: dual-path, circulating filtering and direct water inflow;

5. Cabinet material: carbon steel with white spray plastic; countertop material: 304 stainless steel;

 countertop water retaining edge design; repair groove material: 304 stainless steel;

6. The water inlet method of the repair tank: water inlet from the bottom, water flow fluctuation suppression; 

the drainage method of the repair tank: gravity drainage

7. Water pump flow rate: 110 L/min; water pump noise: intelligent silent shielding technology, 25 decibels;

8. Water filling time of the repair tank: ≤1min; water filling time of the repair tank: ≤30s; drainage time of the water tank: ≤3min; 

(A copy of the third-party inspection report with the official seal of the manufacturer is required)

9. Water tank function: water storage, with low water level protection and high water level overflow protection; Power supply: 220V 50HZ; Power: 200W;

10. It has the function of real-time detection of water tank liquid level and provides interface display; 

it has the function of high water level prompt and overflow prevention in the water tank, and automatically discharges excess water; 

it has the function of prompt and protection of low water level in the water tank, and automatically shuts down the water pump 

to prevent the water pump from idling; It has a smart switching function for water filling. When filling water, the water tank will be used first to store water. 

When the water storage is insufficient, it will automatically switch to the faucet to fill the water.

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